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Invest in Sint Maarten !

Profit from the boom

Since centuries, business is done in and with St. Maarten. We'll reveal you a few reasons why it is worth to participate.

  1. Safety: The governments of Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten are democratically elected and govern according to reliable standards. Here, contracts are always valid – without ifs and buts.

  2. An environment that stimulates business. Since the decline of exports, the island relies on fresh ideas and encourages them actively. Right now, tourism is booming, but clever entrepreneurs will discover many other business fields.

  3. Excellent infrastructure. If you open a business here, you don't need to start from scratch. Your business may profit from reliable communications, logistics, finance and services. Commercial properties for various business sectors are available for rent or purchase. And as a broker, contractor or craftsman, you may take advantage of the growing real estate market.

  4. No compulsory business partners. Unlike in other countries, you don't have to involve any local shareholders or fulfill a certain job quota.

  5. No customs charges on imports. Just bring along everything you need: machines, furniture or commodities.

  6. Excellent prospects for growth. St. Maarten suffered a setback in the development due to Hurricane Katrina. The island is keen to catch up and there is still much potential!

  7. Partners and markets within close reach. From St. Maarten, you may profit from a great variety of markets in South America, Central America, and North America. Furthermore, you may take advantage of a wide selection of offshore facilities.

  8. Pleasant working environment. Beaches instead of cubicles. In St. Maarten, employee productivity is actually affected positively by the climate. Moreover, a workplace under palm trees is a good argument to attract professionals to your business.

  9. Become a part of St. Maarten's success. Naturalization procedures in Sint Maarten involve less administrative obstacles than elsewhere. Thus, you may use your business success to permanently shift your center of life.

  10. St. Maarten is profitable for everyone. The island ever more transforms from a pure tourist island to a place where people like to live and work. This means that here you can build a life with a variety of handicraft or service trades.

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