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Cunucu House AUA Paradera

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    Paradera 140, Paradera $308.988

    This beautiful Cunucu house is located in Paradera.

    Paradera is a small town near the Northeast end of the island of Aruba. Paradera as well as nearby settlements and neighborhoods within Paradera, including Ayo, Bloemond, Piedra Plat and Siribana.

    The earliest settlers to Aruba built their houses with caliche, a substance found on the island, or with interlocking coral rocks, found on its shores.

    The shape was a simple room with small windows and a roof that rose to a peak in the center to allow heat to rise and help keep the space cool. The original wall material has been replaced by concrete, windows have been enlarged, ceiling is higher, dormers and porches have been added.

    This well maintained and centered house has 3 bedrooms and one bathroom which is ensuite to the main bedroom. The bathroom has a tub as well.

    The old kitchen has been replaced by a modern kitchen with granite top and view on the outside porch.

    In the front as well as the back, there are two large covered patios.

    On the right side of the house is a large covered carport which fits 2 cars easily.

    The Cunucu house is built on 1.382 m2/14.875 sqft, still space to build some apartments or a swimming pool.

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