Terreinen AUA Wayaca

  • Description

    1.  Lot J -24

    Build your own home not far from the airport on property land! A unique opportunity to design and build your home in an established, upscale neighborhood. Get your lot and build! We will help you with everything you need in this step by step process. Total: 860 m2

    Awg. 175. = per m2

    Total Price: AWG. 150.500,=

    2.  Lot J-31

    Total: 878 m2

    Awg. 175. = per m2

    Total price: AWG. 153.650,=

    3.  Lot J-30

    995 m2  at AWG. 175.= per m2.

    Total price :  AWG 174,125. =

    4. Lot J -25

    It is possible to split the 1340 m2 up and make an entrance on both sides.
    J25 can be split in 2 and has entrances on the Wayaca and Santa Marta side.
    Awg. 175. = per m2

    Total Price : AWG. 234,500.=

    5. Wayaca commercial property lot 3000 m2 ready to build

    We are offering a corner lot of property land in a prime location of Wayaca,  3000 m2 is excellent for a mall, large business or apartment/condo building.  The site is ideal for university dormitories (with universities close by) or full-time, full ownership condos or rentals.  Very close to Oranjestad and accessible from 2 streets, there are several options for entrance ways and parking, etc.  Let us show you this lucrative location, conveniently located to businesses as well as residences!  AWG. 750,000.=

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